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Projects navigation 2010

Delivery of polypropylene pipes

In may, 2010, our Company again took part in interesting and difficult project linked with delivery of polypropylene pipes, 570 long. The principal of project is Pipelife Rus company ( The company arranged customs and immigration formalities, opened customs regime, coordinated actions with consignee’s representatives. The Company have received a high appraisal ,what is very important for us. The company thanked Baltic Customs for prompt and professional work. The company also thanked tug company “Morservice” for tug assistance. You can see photos made by agent at Kronstadt road.

Towed river tugs “Afon Las”

Sea tug Jupiter, towed object “Afon Las”, river tugs. Agent’s service in the port of saint-Petersburg, taking tandem from sea, coordination of their passing via inner water ways of Russian Federation.

Agency service for new built barges “Kristina” and “Lastdrager-7” towed by tugs, making all formalities for sailing to sea and procedure of closing customs transit.

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